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Athletic Event Supply (AES) can produce custom branded pop up tents, flags, and banners for your team, club, or tournament! We guarantee you will find the highest quality tents and promotional materials at the lowest prices available (feel free to compare our amazing prices with anyone).

Why do you need custom branded tents and other printed promotional items for your team, club or tournament? Here are some key reasons below!


  1. Printed promotional items with your tournament logo and colors help promote your tournament by instantly giving you credibility and recognition to your brand.
  2. Custom designed tents provide participants with a central location or home base during their games while protecting players from extreme weather elements like the hot sun or rain showers.
  3. Promotional materials allow you to easily promote and give exposure to sponsors, putting their name or logo in front of thousands of tournament participants and allowing you to generate a larger revenue stream from sponsorships.


  1. Printed promotional tents, flags, and other branded materials help provide identity and recognition to your club.
  2. Team tents allow your teams to have a “home base” during tournaments and camps where your players can get out of the hot beating sun or unexpected rain showers.
  3. Pop up tents, banner flags, and other promotional items are easy to transport, set up, and store making them the perfect complement to any competitive soccer team.