Arch Rentals

Call for Price

We no longer offer arch rentals. Instead we have lowered the prices of our blank arches to be very competitive with normal Inflatable arch rental pricing.  Why did we do this? We made this decision because we want the customer experience to be top notch! We noticed that many customers renting our arches were having headaches. Plus, the rental arches never look as good as your own arch that you can meticioulslcy take care of! Some people were also worrying about storing an arch, so felt that renting was easier.  Well, we have good news for you! A 20’ arch will easily fit in a box the size of a carry-on luggage, or even smaller! Also, after 2 rentals, your arch would be paid for!

Need your arch today, though? No worries, we have blank arches in stock and ready to ship immediately!! Call us NOW and we can get you setup with an arch that is ready for banners to be attached.



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