Marathon Man: Dave Jones

Dave Jones started running five years ago as a way to kick a nicotine habit. Today, he’s more than just a runner, but a world-record holding marathon maniac.

Jones, who resides in Hanson, Kentucky, has spent the past year conquering what seems impossible. He started the year off running seven public marathons in seven days on each of the seven continents. After that, he decided to do even more incredible things, becoming the first person in the world to run the seven marathons on seven continents in seven days plus a marathon in each of the fifty states, all in less than a year.

After wrapping up his 50th marathon in Hawaii, Jones ventured to the so-called eighth continent, Zealandia, to run an additional marathon on the eighth continent, still in the one-year span.

Today, Jones is back in Kentucky and plans to take a well-deserved break from marathons. In the meantime, he has started his own business called Eternal Endurance to help others rise to their own challenges. He is also writing a book documenting his journey and is happy to provide advice to others.

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