Olympian Awarded $4M For Injury on Marathon Course


Olympian Awarded $4M For Injury on Marathon Course

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A champion wheelchair athlete was awarded millions of dollars after being injured during the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in San Diego in 2014. Craig Blanchette, a former Olympian and world-record holding wheelchair racer, filed a claim against race organizers after suffering major injuries when a portion of the course was [...]

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Marathon Man: Dave Jones

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Dave Jones started running five years ago as a way to kick a nicotine habit. Today, he's more than just a runner, but a world-record holding marathon maniac. Jones, who resides in Hanson, Kentucky, has spent the past year conquering what seems impossible. He started the year off running seven public marathons in seven [...]

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First Trade Show Tips

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Your company has asked you to be their representative, you are feeling relaxed and confident. Before you hit the floor running, there are key pieces of information you may have overlooked. This is a guide to help prepare for your first trade show. Make sure you have a game plan.If you are an exhibitor, [...]

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7 Tips For First Marathon

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1. Download a training plan. There are tons of training plans our there on the internet for different skill levels. 2. Study the race course. If the course is not flat ground, make sure that you’re doing practice runs up hills or bridges. 3. Reduce inflammation! After a run, or at night when you’re watching TV, [...]

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4 Tips for Trade Shows

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What specific strategies are behind successful trade show booths? We searched around for the most experienced industry professionals and put together a list of our top trade show tips and strategies. # 1 First Impressions are Everything Studies show that your first impression has a high correlation with the [...]

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4 Helpful Tips for Anyone Starting to Run

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Here are a few tips from professional coaches on how to approach running as a first-timer without ending up intimidated or discouraged by the sport. Once you feel comfortable doing it, running is a lot of fun. 1. Alternate between running and walking your first few weeks. One of [...]

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Top 5 Marathons in Nevada

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5. Labor of Love Marathon - Lovell Canyon Commencing at an elevation of roughly 4500 feet, runners will experience high desert vegetation to include Joshua Trees, Pinion-Juniper, Mountain Rose, Sagebrush, and a relatively lush Toiyabe National Forest not commonly associated with Las Vegas. The road twists and turns thru the canyon; a true treasure of [...]

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Top 5 Marathons in Utah

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5. St. George Marathon The St. George Marathon is an annual marathon sporting event hosted by the city of St. George, Utah on the first Saturday in October. The first race run was in November 1977. Read More 4. Top of Utah Marathon The Altra Top of [...]

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The 5 Toughest Athletic Events in the World

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Tired of your boring old gym routine? Never fear, since the beginning of time we humans have been coming up with ways to force our bodies to the limit. Why? No one really knows, but for some reason there are those few of us who love torturing ourselves. So if you’re looking for something more [...]

Why You Need Soccer Canopy (and where to get them)?

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If you’re a soccer coach, or a soccer tournament director, or even a soccer parent, you’ve no doubt experienced those hot summer days when it’s important to get your teams out of the heat and under some shade. In this article we’re going to go through a couple reasons that you need a soccer canopy [...]