AES Pop Up Tents and Canopies

The right venue for your event contributes a lot to its success. Whether it’s a sporting event, such as a marathon or the ever popular obstacle races, or perhaps a work related event, having a place where everyone can gather and socialize makes a big difference in the atmosphere and ambiance of your occasion.

Here at Athletic Event Supply, we take this business very seriously. We want your event to succeed, otherwise we don’t succeed. It’s for this reason that we’ve invented some of the very best pop up tents and dome canopies for you to choose from.

Once upon a time, options were limited to just your standard rectangle or square tent. Our innovative designers have long put those boring structures out of commission. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider a pop-up tent and/or canopy for your next big event.

  • They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A well designed tent should pull people in. From the colors used to the actual shape of your tent, it needs to be eye-catching. And it also has to fit the mood of the event you are hosting. The tent you choose for, say, a wedding is going to be considerably different than the tent you choose for a sporting event. The size, the color and the shape should all be taken into consideration when choosing your event tent. Which is why we have an array of sizes and shapes to select from.
  • You never have to worry about poor weather conditions. Here in Utah, we know all too well that foul weather can really destroy an outdoor event. With pop up tents and domes, you never have to worry about an onslaught of rain or even baking in the sun. Todays innovative structures are UV resistant, 100% waterproof and fire resistant. This means that your guests will always be comfortable to matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you.
  • Pop up tents are your opportunity for branding. Whether you’re hosting your own event or marketing for another brand, pop up tents and canopies can now be customized to promote companies from all over the world. If you’ve even been to a marathon, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Companies from across the globe get customized, top quality tents that promote and advertise their brands. And it’s because of this that many of these smaller companies have taken a huge jump in sales.
  • You can customize your tent to however you want it. We can do graphics, logos, company names, you name it. We can manufacture exactly what you want, taking special care of your requirements and specifications. Again, it goes back to the mood of your event. You will perhaps want something more elegant and refined for a wedding as opposed to something sharp and eye-catching for your business event. Pop up tents and domes can deliver exactly what you want.
  • Pop up tents and canopies are very flexible and durable. If you’re going to drop change in a tent, you want to know that it will last. Because of the fabric used, you are guaranteed your tent will stand the test of time over multiple uses. They are also generally lightweight and very easy to install.
  • Pop up tents are actually quite affordable. Hosting any event takes monetary commitment. But imagine how much money you would save if you didn’t have to hire a venue every time you wanted to host an event? Tents and domes will save you a lot of money in the long run. Plus, you can customize and brand them however you wish! It will be exclusively yours. You won’t have to buy another one ever again if you don’t want to. And we pride ourselves at always taking into consideration your budget; we will work with you and what you can afford so that you get the best possible product out there.

Don’t bother anymore with overpriced, underrated venues. Take your event anywhere! That’s the true beauty of pop up tents. You no longer have to stay in one location. You can travel. You can reach more people if you’re trying to expand your business. The possibilities are endless.

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