7 Tips For First Marathon

1. Download a training plan.

There are tons of training plans our there on the internet for different skill levels.

2. Study the race course.

If the course is not flat ground, make sure that you’re doing practice runs up hills or bridges.

3. Reduce inflammation!

After a run, or at night when you’re watching TV, be sure to ice the knee and joints. Pop an ibuprofen if needed (not Tylenol — can bad for your liver), but don’t become too dependent on pain relievers.

4. Do a long run without music at least once.

What if it rains on race day and you can’t bring a phone, or what if your headphones break? Get used to running without music so if you ever have to run in silence, you won’t freak out.

5. Listen to podcasts. 

When you are running with your phone, make time go by faster by listening to a podcast. You’ll get absorbed in conversation and forget how far you’ve ran. It’s magical.

6. Get fitted for sneakers.

A specialist can tell you what type of sneaker is best for you, based on how your feet hit the ground. Wear the same sneaker in the race that you trained in. Buy a new pair mid-training.

7. Learn what food your body likes.

You never want to try new food on race day. I always went with a rice cake with peanut butter and banana before a run, or a Health Warrior chia bar. I carb loaded at Dig Inn the nights before my longest runs. Many runners have a go-to pasta dish. Drink more water than you normally do– even try to have some electrolyte-enhanced water.

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