Inflatable arch’s are multi-purpose tools that are used at athletic events to identify start or finish points, or as an exhibition stand. They are often versatile and can serve multiple purposes depending on what your needs are at that specific time. Inflatable arch’s provide a lot of advantages especially when compared to solid arch’s or stands. It is generally accepted that they do tend to draw a lot of attention, which is a good thing since they can be used for marketing or branding purposes. There are many more benefits to using inflatable arch’s, and when you get yours from Athletic Events, you are in for a real treat and here’s why:

Highly attractive

When you host an athletic event, or you have an exhibition stand you definitely want to stand out and draw a lot of attention. Once set up, especially on pillars the inflatable arch covers a large space or area and can command attention even from a distance. Think about it, that’s perfect for promotional purposes. Whatever your inflatable arch needs might be Athletic Event Supply can certainly help you meet that need.


One of the requirements for a successful event is the need for easy and quick equipment set up and dismantling. Inflatable arch’s are light weight and can be easily set up, dismantled and carried away. This is probably one of the chief reasons why they have become such a big hit in recent years.


Inflatable arch’s can be custom designed to carry branding and customized messages in a very attractive way which makes it a good choice for advertisement purposes. During a sponsored event, the title sponsors name and logo or messages can be inscribed on the inflatable arch. All inflatable archways at Athletic Event Supply are custom designed with the graphics and colors you request.


Inflatable arch’s are by nature durable and meet the quality standards of the Rhino brand name products, exclusively at Athletic Event Supply. They are designed to last many years and are one of the most cost effective ways to promote your event.

Low cost

There is one promise that we make at Athletic Event Supply, to give you the most competitive pricing on all our products. However, we really hit it out of the park on pricing with our inflatable products. We encourage you to compare so you can learn for yourself that you will simply get a great value and the best possible service when you purchase your inflatable products through us.


More people consider inflatable arch’s safer than the other alternatives in the market, because (for example), say the blower in an inflatable arch is by chance cut off, the arch will deflate slowly. This means it does not come down all at once. If there are people under the arch, they would have enough time to get out of the way. And since it is just made from durable soft casing it really cannot cause much harm.
On the other hand, if a solid arch loses balance, and falls down, it does so with a force that people under it or in its path won’t have the luxury of time to quickly step away to safety before harm or injury is caused.